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How much does it cost?

The following services are included with your Virtual Fax Machine account:
Included Services
Service Description Pricing Pricing Details
Receive Faxes Receive faxes directly in your email inbox. You are given a real telephone number that belongs to you alone. Received faxes are forwarded to your email address and optionally kept on our servers for access anywhere in the world via the web. Local (Texas) phone number

$6.95 per month
Your first month is free. Thereafter, you will be charged $6.95 monthly which allows you to receive up to 300 pages. After you receive 300 pages you are billed at $0.049 per page.
Toll Free phone number

$8.95 per month
You will pay $8.95 per month for the first 50 pages received. After the 50 pages received, you will pay $0.10 per received page.
US (non-TX) phone number

$8.95 per month
You will be charged $8.95 monthly which allows you to receive up to 300 pages. After you receive 300 pages you are billed at $0.049 per page.
Send Faxes As part of your monthly service you can send faxes from the web, email, or desktop. No longer will you need to feed a document into a physical fax machine for transmission. $0.049 per minute After sign up, you can elect to add funds manually or allow our system to automatically debit your credit card when your account balance is low.
Fax Storage Store your faxes for later viewing anywhere in the world. 5MB included free We give you 5MB of storage for free with your account. Faxes are allowed to reside in your account for up to 90 days. If you need more space or want more time to keep your faxes online, extra storage space can be purchased at $2.00 per additional 5MB and $2.00 per additional 30 days.
Bulk Faxing Fax the same document to hundreds or thousands of clients around the world. Included with your VFM membership You pay $0.049 per minute with a $10.00 minimum fee to send faxes. That is the equivalent of 200 faxes.

What will I pay at sign up?

You pay nothing at sign up. After 30 days, your credit card will be charged our low monthly fee.

Are there hidden fees?

Absolutely not! You are only billed your monthly fee and any applicable usage fees. There are no other service fees or activation fees with this service. (Sales tax applies to Texas users.)

"I wish to express my appreciation for the support I received from John. He was very helpful and patient as I wrestled my way through my first broadcast fax job. Many other services were out for the day, but yours was willing to "hold my hand" through the process to get the job done. I feel confident that I will use your service as long as my company needs fax services, since John's service helped me meet an important deadline. Thank you John..."
Larry D.
Power Smart Technologies

"I am very happy that I made the switch from my fax machine to FlatRateFax.com. When I am waiting on an important fax, I no longer have to worry about my fax machine being out of paper or toner, or a paper jam ruining my fax. I'll never own another fax machine. Thank You FlatRateFax.com!!!!!"
Eden Construction Partnership, Inc.

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