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Supported List Types

What type of lists can I upload?

Currently we support text files with data seperated by fixed widths or delimiters. The only required column in your file is the fax number. The full file format that we support is as follows:

  • FirstName, 50 characters
  • MiddleName, 50 characters
  • LastName, 50 characters
  • DestinationType, numeric (1 = fax, 2 = email)
  • EmailAddress, 50 characters
  • Company, 50 characters
  • Address1, 255 characters
  • Address2, 255 characters
  • Address3, 255 characters
  • City, 50 characters
  • State, 50 characters
  • PostalCode, 50 characters
  • Salutation, 20 characters
  • SIC, 4 characters
  • Phone, 50 characters
  • UserDefined1, 255 characters
  • UserDefined2, 255 characters
  • UserDefined3, 255 characters
  • UserDefined4, 255 characters
  • UserDefined5, 255 characters

Click here to download a sample text file.

"Thank you so much for the incredibly fast support!"
Justin M.

"I wish to express my appreciation for the support I received from John. He was very helpful and patient as I wrestled my way through my first broadcast fax job. Many other services were out for the day, but yours was willing to "hold my hand" through the process to get the job done. I feel confident that I will use your service as long as my company needs fax services, since John's service helped me meet an important deadline. Thank you John..."
Larry D.
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