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Supported List Types

What type of lists can I upload?

Currently we support text files with data seperated by fixed widths or delimiters. The only required column in your file is the fax number. The full file format that we support is as follows:

  • FirstName, 50 characters
  • MiddleName, 50 characters
  • LastName, 50 characters
  • DestinationType, numeric (1 = fax, 2 = email)
  • EmailAddress, 50 characters
  • Company, 50 characters
  • Address1, 255 characters
  • Address2, 255 characters
  • Address3, 255 characters
  • City, 50 characters
  • State, 50 characters
  • PostalCode, 50 characters
  • Salutation, 20 characters
  • SIC, 4 characters
  • Phone, 50 characters
  • UserDefined1, 255 characters
  • UserDefined2, 255 characters
  • UserDefined3, 255 characters
  • UserDefined4, 255 characters
  • UserDefined5, 255 characters

Click here to download a sample text file.

"FlatRateFax has been extremely cost effective and convenient. After 3 months of use, I have saved an average of $98.00 a month. I no longer require a second phone line. I don’t waste paper from all of the unwanted faxes my company receives, not to mention, the fax cartridges not being wasted. I never miss an important fax because my email travels with me on my phone when I leave the office. FlatRateFax has proven to be a good business decision!"
Sabrina M.
ProLending Mortgage

"I am very happy that I made the switch from my fax machine to FlatRateFax.com. When I am waiting on an important fax, I no longer have to worry about my fax machine being out of paper or toner, or a paper jam ruining my fax. I'll never own another fax machine. Thank You FlatRateFax.com!!!!!"
Eden Construction Partnership, Inc.

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